Spring Plant Guild Workshop

Start Your Own Food Forest!

Come learn, practice and take home your very own Fruit Tree Guild. 

What is a guild? In this context a guild is a group of supporting plants that will grow well together and give multiple forms of food and other plant products like fiber, medicine, dye, etc. 

  • LEARN: Food Forest Design/Designing Modular Fruit and Nut Tree Guilds
    • Learn the role and types of…
    • Tall trees
    • Shrubs 
    • Herbs
    • Groundcovers 
    • Fungi 
    • Vines
  • EXPERIENCE: Hands-On Demonstration of 2 Different Fruit Tree Guilds On-Site 
    • Sun orientation
    • Water considerations
    • Wind and wildlife 
    • Mulching and soil prep
    • Planting
  • TAKE HOME: You Get Free Plants with Purchase of the Landowner Package Including;
    • One plant each of (1) Pawpaw or (1) Serviceberry
    • Elderberries (1), Currants (1), and Strawberries (3) 
    • Three plants each of 3 different  perennial herbs and 3 different annual vegetables (18 total)
    • One 5 gallon bucket of Winecap edible woodchip fungi
    • Handout with all relevant information
    • This is a perfect “guild” to place around existing fruit and nut trees
    • Or you can purchase a choice cultivar of your favorite fruit or nut tree and use this guild to support it’s growth  
    • And more!

Location: 6633 Stoney Creek Rd. Ypsilanti Township – aka “Dawn Farm”. Park around back and find us in the picnic area/shelter

Date: April 13th and April 21th from 12-2pm. You can choose when you purchase below. 

What To Bring:

  • We will be planting in the dirt so gloves, hat, water, sunscreen, good shoes, towel and whatever else you require
  • If you want Winecap Fungi to take home, bring an empty 5 gallon bucket 
  • We will have tools and materials 

Spring Plant Guild Workshop


Start your own food forest! Learn And Take Home Your Own Fruit Tree Guild.

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Participant (Workshop Only), Landowner (Workshop + Plants)

Workshop Date

April 13, 2024, April 21, 2024